Price Guide


One of the first questions we are asked by our clients  prior to receiving a full quotation is " how much do you think it will cost?"  Of course every project is different. The materials used and the complexity of the design have an impact on the final price. However, we have reviewed the final costs of recent construction projects and calculated an average cost of our construction work per square metre of floor place created. This calculation can only give a rough approximation of the actual costs incurred in creating a new home or extending an existing one. But this estimated "ball park" figure has proved very useful during feasibility studies to allow our clients to understand what is available within their budget.  

Whilst reviewing our recent projects we also looked at the average costs of design fees, engineers  fees and local authority fees to allow us to offer estimated budget costs for these items prior to supplying a full Quotation. The results of this study are shown below. We hope that they are of value to you, and look forward to your inviting us to supply a full detailed quotation, free of charge. 

Average cost of New Home per Metre square of floor space 

Price £1,700.00 per M2 assume VAT zero rated 

Quotation £ free 

Average design & engineer fees 

Concept meeting  £ free

Quote design & engineers fees  £ free

Measured and drawn survey £900.00

Feasibility drawings £700.00

Planning Application £300.00

Construction drawings  £800.00

Structural engineer £600.00 

Average cost of renovation, remodelling per Metre square of floor space 

Price £1,100.00 Per M2 plus VAT at current rate  

Quotation £ free

Average local authority fees

Full planning application from £206

Certificate of lawful development application from £103

Building regulations application and site visits from £600